Music: List of music recordings

Over the years my colleague PN and I together with other mucicians have made a number of "home studio" recordings. I play tenor and soprano saxophones, as well as the EWI -electronic wind instrument- , a kind of synthesiser that is played as a horn (a flute more or less). It allows me to play other instruments (or imagine it at least). PN plays guitar, bass, and the occasional drums. Other mucisians include Scott Hopkins (guitar), Lee Huntingon (bass), and Yves Richards on trumpet or drums. I will list below some of the mp3 files, together with some comments. Most of the recordings come together as a jam (often a one-time thing). As a result some of these songs go on (and on). Us enjoying the creation in the moment.

  • loveishere.mp3

    This piece, which we recorded July 2014, has PN on guitar and me on soprano. It is a composition by PN. The first time we played it in this setting and tempo!

  • Take That.mp3

    This piece was recorded August 1, 2014. Composition of Scott Hopkins. Musicians: Scott Hopkins chords on guitar, PN lead guitar (synth), Marcel: tenor and soprano sax (coming in a little after 3.15). We have jammed on this before, sometimes. Now made it permanent.

  • All Blues.mp3

    A classic by Miles Davis of course. Here I am indulging on tenor sax for (too) many choruses. PN provides chords on guitar in a loop, drums by a computer (it shows). Near the end PN joins in with some drumming touches of his own.

  • Autumn Leaves.mp3

    Another classic, played majestically by Miles many times. PN is on guitar, while I play the EWI, using a "trumpet harmon mute setting". The sound of the EWI is recorded through a microphone. You can hear me breathing heavily. I sweat as much on the EWI as on a real life trumpet! In the middle I sing a chorus (in my best french, followed by some unintended portugese!)

  • rama.mp3

    This is an old composition from PN's student years. PN plays guitar on it in this version, and I play bandoneon on the EWI (think Astor Piazolla as I do). There is some singing in an ancient slavic language, with a Dutch accent. I like the feel and timings I coax out of the bandoneon. Fun to do! Again, first and only time we played it like this. Love the improvisation mode of music. Of the moment.

  • melissa.mp3

    And now for something completely different. Melissa is an "out of tune" romping blues. PN on bass (great!), Yves on the drums and me having fun on the tenor.

  • Candy.mp3

    This song has a bit of a fusion feel to it. I named it after Candy Dulfer. PN on base (driving the song), Scott on guitar, I on the tenor. It was an inspiring evening. We have only played this song once, to my regret. We can't seem to remember it. Rosy is on the drums. She sounds for real!

  • return.mp3

    We recorded this as I returned for a week or two to Waterloo, from a sabbatical stay at Muelheim an der Ruhr. I rented a beautiful (and expensive) Selmer sax for the period, and PN and I got together. This mp3 file has two songs: our favorite blues (PN soulful guitar, me the Selmer tenor). The second recording is called nlogn, PN's favorite composition. It has me on the selmer, me on a trumpet EWI and me on a clarinet from the EWI, PN is playing guitar and bass. There is some annoying "egg rattling" thrown in in the middle (also me). The nlogn song is "Montreal Crazy" style: Cacafonia!

  • soprano.mp3

    A song with PN guitar, me on my new found love, the soprano sax. A great instrument, but a bit hard to play in tune.

  • africa.mp3

    A song started by Scott playing a great "highlife" riff on guitar, PN on bass. I am trying to find my way on tenor. PN, as usual, is pushing us in another direction at the end of our run. Fun to hear how we try to find our way. The song ends abrubtly as we run out of preasigned drum track. That was the end of that.

  • Survive.mp3

    Survive by Gloria Gaynor, one of PN's favourites (It starts at 4.50, before that is PN only in an arabic mood, we forgot to record the sax). We give Survive a relaxed jazzy feel. PN loops the theme using his guitar (great rythm to play on). Then we both go on, endlessly. In the end PN switches to a fretless bass. He still needs to practice a bit ...

  • Scotts_mints.mp3

    I am definitely running out of respectable tunes to post. PN on his new gimmick a guitar synthesiser (his third or so), Scott on guitar, me on soprano (mostly) and some tenor at the end. The first three choruses are respectable, then we start to get off on a limb (blame PN's new toy). Still this is a pretty typical session of ours, trying to follow wherever the flow takes us.

  • Sad.mp3

    Lee Huntington on the bass (great!), PN uses his magic to get a great guitar sound. I am growling through my horn, and my vocal cords. We had a lot of fun doing this one (even if it sounds ever so desperately sad).

  • Rotta.mp3

    Finally a little piece of crazy to sum it all up. This piece is termed Rotta after the composer who worked many times with Frederico Fellini. Imagine the marching band going around in circles ...

  • More music added on December 13, 2014

  • Leona.mp3

    This is a song composed by Scott (guitar line) a decade ago. We recorded this first version with PN on bass, and me wiggling my butt while creating the melody line. The song has potential!

  • Leona.mp3 take 2!

    Same song, now with our new member "Roger" on drums. The song needs to be rock tight. We are not quite there yet.

  • Brit-Pop.mp3

    Another riff by Scott on the guitar (great sound!). We added a "human league" drum to it, with PN finding a great matching bass. I am exploring first on soprano, later on using the tenor. We kept going for a while!

  • Lisandro-Cubana.mp3

    PN had a visiting colleague, and we have the rule we only invite musicians! Lisandro plays a nylon-string guitar. This song is a Cuban original driven by Lisandro. PN plays nice lines on the guitar, I am singing a bit and coming in on soprano, later on tenor. Nice feel Lisandro!

  • Guantanamero.mp3

    Cuba classic. A slow dance, with PN and me going all over the place. Our warming up song with Lisandro.

  • Lisandro-dark-alley.mp3

    This was a total improvisation on our Lisandro evening. The song is driven by the bass of PN. Lisandro picking his strings and me on tenor mostly, with a surprise soprano entry at 3.40. Lots of fun.

  • NlogN_roger.mp3

    PN's favourite composition NlogN, first time with Roger on the drums. Scott guitar, PN bass, me on the saxes.

  • Africa.mp3 (take 2)

    A second version of Africa, Scott's high-life riff, Roger on drums (great!), PN bass, me coaxing a melody line.

  • Ramakagda.mp3 (take 2)

    A second version of Rama (see above). Totally different feel this time. Lee on bass, Yves on drums, PN guitar, me on tenor and stretching my vocal chords. The lyrics sound angry (what's in a language?).