Subroutine APHSHFT

APHSHFT is a subroutine for calculating quantum mechanical scattering phase shifts at a specified collision enengy for any given input effective radial (1-dimensional) potential and specified angular momentum partial wave. The present version of this routine has its origins in the methodology described by Hepburn & Le Roy [Chem. Phys. Lett. 57, 304 (1978)]

The source code for subroutine APHSHFT is distributed free of charge. However, its use should be acknowledged by reference to this www site. At present there is no manual to accompany this subroutine, but it is hoped that the comments in the code will suffice. The FORTRAN source code for this subroutine will be automatically distributed (by e-mail) to those who fill in the following form: Download APHSHFT .

I would be pleased to receive information regarding apparent or real malfunctions of this code or weakness in the documentation. However, the program should be fairly robust, and is fairly extensively commented internally. Queries regarding this program or its distribution should be addressed to R.J. Le Roy (519) 888-4051: leroy @

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