Updates Included in BCONT 2.2

The following extensions, improvements or corrections were included in the code after the initial January 2001 release of BCONT 2.0.

6 June 2001

Errors in treatment of input experimental data for fitting to predissociation data have been corrected.

10 July 2001

Read statement #8 ["READ(5,*) (CN(iset,ifs) ...)"] is now ignored for the case in which there is only ONEE final electronic state.

17 July 2001

Break READ #11 into 2 statements, so that PUNITS need not be read when not doing a predissociation data fit.

18 July 2002

Errors in execution for the case of absorption/emission from a single vibration-rotation level are corrected.

11 March 2003

The code is now consistent with the manual, in that READ #25 now reads in the electronic orbital angular momentum projection quantum number for the initial state, which is required for incorporation in the centrifugal potential and in computing the Honl-London factors.

9 February 2004

Minor errors which had prevented proper calculation of absorption/emission coefficients from a single selected initial-state (v,J) level, have been corrected.

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