Chemistry 120 - Winter 2010
"Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter"

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 10:30-11:30 in DC-1350

Instructor: Robert J. Le Roy
Office: ESC-332
Phone: 888-4051 (on campus, ext. 84051)
e-mail: [Please put ' c120 ' or ' chem120 ' in the subject line to help me distinguish your e-mail from spam!]

Text: "General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications", Ninth Edition, by Petrucci, Harwood, Herring and Madura (the Eigth'th edition is OK too)

Course Outline & Suggested Problems

Solubility Rules

Rules for Assigning Oxidation States

Redox Balancing Rules

Outline Lecture Notes for Chapters 1-4

Outline Lecture Notes for Chapter 5

Outline Lecture Notes for Chapter 6

Note that photocopies of the after-class outline lecture notes are available from the Davis Centre Library Reserve Desk under call No. UWD-1795.

Some things to remember ....

Problem Sets

Hand-In Problem Set #1
Hand-In Problem Set #2

The complete on-line "Handbook of Chemistry and Physics" is accessible from any UW IP address or through the UW Library proxy login link.

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