Chemistry 209 - Fall 2010
"Introductory Spectroscopy"

Lectures: Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 1:30-2:20 in B1-271

Instructor: Robert J. Le Roy
Office: ESC-332
Phone: 888-4051 (on campus, ext. 84051)
e-mail: [Please put ' c209 ' or ' chem209 ' in the subject line to help me separate your e-mail from spam!]

Key Reference materials

These on-line Lecture Notes serve as out textbook.
The topics we cover are summarized in the Course Outline , and further study on many topics can be pursued through the list of Supplementary Materials in that Course Outline . Two links that may be convenient to have are
(a) the complete list of the masses of all stable atomic isotopes taken from the 2008 edition of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
(b) The Orbitron page Posted by the Winter Group at the University of Sheffield, which can greatly facilitate one's ability to understand the link between the mathematical forms an the shapes of the various hydrogenic atomic orbitals as defined by the number and allignments of their various nodal planes and surfaces.

Final Grades

The grades were made up in the following way:
* The problem marks were summed and converted to a percentage.
* The grade was based on: 0.65*Exam + 0.20*Test + 0.15*Problems

Unofficial grades and the components on which they are based are posted here.

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