This is a utility program to convert {filename}.4 input files of experimental data from the format used by DSParFit-1.0 to the new format used by DSParFit-2.0 and later versions of this code. The first entry ("Step One") is the name of the old {filename}.4 data file you wish to convert, including a full path from the location where the www browser is running. The second entry ("Step Two") is the name of a short file which map the numbers assigned to the different electronic states in your old data file, to the new two-alphameric-character labels expected by DSparFit-2.0 and later versions of the code.

e.g. If the existing file contained data involving the 4 electronic states, numbered (by necessity) 1, 2, 3 & 4, and we wish them to have the names X0, A1, b3 and f+, this "mapping" file will have the form:

1 'X0'
2 'A1'
3 'b3'
4 'f+'

Step 1: Select your input file:

Step 2: Select your state-mapping file:

Step 3: Click this button:

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